The Truth About Cancer

Here's a very VERY interesting article by John Hopkins called "The Truth About Cancer." Cancer affects one in three of us. Please take the time to read this and forward it to your friends and family members. There is considerable overlap between the content of this article and our bipolar-friendly foods section, which we've just … Continue reading The Truth About Cancer


Good News For Insomniacs

Happy Wednesday from Bipolar HK!

Helping A Bipolar Loved One

Respect to you. It can be a nightmare caring for a bipolar loved one. Trust me, I’m bipolar. During the extremes of our bipolarity, we are incapable of seeing things from your perspective. We are relentlessly inconsiderate of your feelings. It’s always ten steps up, twenty steps down with us. We’re exhausting. And the worst … Continue reading Helping A Bipolar Loved One

Cuckoo Sleep Disorders – The Bipolar Night-Time Express

For me, and several other bipolar people I’ve encountered, MANIA has an unwanted and dangerous side-effect: SLEEPWALKING. In fact, for months at a time, I have led an exhausting double life: My Life Awake and My Life Asleep. One of my lives makes no sense at all. And the other only occurs when I’m asleep. … Continue reading Cuckoo Sleep Disorders – The Bipolar Night-Time Express

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