What is Bipolar Disorder?


For those who know little or nothing about it, bipolar disorder (formerly known and arguably more conveniently explained as manic depression) is a complex mental illness defined by dramatic and unusual mood episodes of extreme highs (mania) and lows (depression). Symptoms affect mood, sleep, energy, thinking, behavior and appetite, representing a sudden, dramatic change from the person with bipolar disorder’s apparent ‘normal’ self.

Our bipolar mood swings can be profoundly destructive and very disruptive to our own lives, as well as to the lives of our families and close friends. They can also be profoundly enjoyable. In manic periods, we are elated, ecstatic, reckless, impulsive and volatile. Our judgment is severely impaired as imagination and reality blur and we can hallucinate and experience prolonged delusions (often of grandeur).

In depression mode, we feel utterly worthless, self-disgusted, suicidal, and isolate ourselves from friends and loved ones. A frightening 25% of we bipolar types will succeed in killing ourselves. There is no single magic pill or instant cure for bipolar disorder at present. It is something we must learn to live with. However, with appropriate treatment and a switch to a healthier diet and lifestyle, we really can beat the worst of our symptoms.

Mental illness runs in families and is so commonplace that almost everyone on the planet will have a relation who has suffered from mental illness, whether it was diagnosed during their lifetime or not. A staggering 40% of the world’s population will suffer from some form of mental illness and experts believe that figure is rising, as the world itself becomes increasingly bipolar.

Bipolar HK provides a roadmap for people with bipolar and other mental illnesses on improving diet and making choices that can improve both our mental and physical health. With psychiatric help, meds, a strong support network, regular exercise and a switch to a healthy diet for our bodies and our minds, bipolarity is no barrier to leading a highly successful, personally and professionally rewarding life.

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