Healthy Meal Plan


1/2 grapefruit / fruit juice / wholegrain or bran cereal / porridge, with skimmed milk Or 1-2 slices wholemeal toast with scraping of monounsaturated spread / Or kippers / egg / baked beans

Breakfast Drink: Tea / coffee (avoid flavored coffees) / herbal tea / water

Mid morning

Tea / coffee / herbal tea / water / Fruit / nuts


1-2 slices rye bread or wholemeal pitta bread sandwich with scraping of monounsaturated spread and filling of fish / chicken / egg / cottage cheese/ humus with salad

Or jacket potato skin with baked beans / tuna/ prawn filling, and salad

Or pea / veg soup and rye bread

Or salad with chicken / fish / egg / low fat cheese

Or cooked meal (reverse meal plan with below options)

Pudding: Fruit / Baked fruit

Drink: Herbal Tea / decaf coffee / water

Mid afternoon

Drink: Tea / herbal tea / water

Snack: Fruit / fruit and nuts / mixed seeds


2tblsp Basmati or brown rice / whole-meal chapattis / whole-meal pasta / sweet potato / yam / couscous and lean poultry meat / fish / eggs or bean / lentil dish Or rice and peas / dhal / stir-fried prawns and vegetables and 2 portions of green and root vegetables / large mixed salad

Fresh / baked fruit / baked fruit and low fat crème fraiche / yogurt

Drink: Decaff coffee / herbal tea / water

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