Support Group

If even your imaginary friend thinks you have mental problems, Hong Kong’s first BIPOLAR SUPPORT GROUP could be for you.


We are a motley crew of Hong Kong-based professionals, artists and students who have each, at some recent or long ago stage in our lives, been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Our support groups are peer-led by us. By sharing our stories and being afforded an opportunity to vent to those who have a far better chance of being able to understand us than our non-bipolar friends and family, we have each found the benefits of meeting regularly.

We alternate meetings between Starbucks in Sai Kung and Starbucks on Duddell Street in the heart of Central. We do not meet on public holidays. To join the group, email

We look forward to welcoming you to our Peer-Led Bipolar Support Group – Hong Kong’s first!


This is NOT what goes down at monthly Bipolar HK Support Group meetings



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