Bipolar Express on RTHK

Bipolar Express is an irreverent 30-minute roller coaster through the euphoric highs and debilitating lows of the bipolar mind. Produced and presented for RTHK Radio 3 by Sadie Kaye, guests include Hong Kong’s leading expert on Bipolar Disorder, Dr. Barry Connell, local comics Ruben M and Josh Walters, and Hong Kong ballet star Kiki Wong.

Expect the unexpected in this quirky documentary, which RTHK Controller Hugh Chiverton praised as “funny, engaging and enlightening, really original – an enthralling piece.”

The doc was Highly Commended by the Association For International Broadcasting in the Radio Creative Feature category in 2015. In 2016 the doc received an award from RTHK. In 2019 our sequel As Bad As It Gets (about OCD) aired on RTHK. In Jan 2020 our new weekly podcast airs. The Mental Ideas Podcast explores innovative approaches to tackling mental health in an entertaining and accessible way.

In 2019 we helped co-produce a 90 min film A Bipolar Love Story with Mental Ideas and Contro Vento Films. We are also helping co-produce 6 Short Love Stories with Mental Ideas, depicting 6 mental health conditions in a quirky, art-house style through a blend of spoken word poetry, acting, music and dance. To read more about these projects, visit Mental Ideas!

We also offer Bipolar Hongkongers and our international friends access to art, film and media opportunities to channel energy and keep overactive minds challenged and stimulated through our creative collaborations with Mental Ideas.


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