Support Group Meeting in Central Next Monday (Mon 27th March)

See you at the Starbucks on Duddel Street (just off Queens Road Central opposite the giant Gucci) this coming Monday! 7pm - 9pm


Meeting tomorrow! Feb 27!

The next group meeting will take place tomorrow MON FEB 27 at Starbucks Sai Kung at 7pm until 8.30pm (approx). See you there!

Call 4 Submissions!

Brainstorm Media is a mental ideas hub and the proud parent of "Brainstorm": an irreverent, witty, unashamedly provocative quarterly magazine and continuously updated film & media platform promoting awareness of mental health issues, all forms of artistic expression, creative ingenuity, innovation and social enterprise. Each edition of Brainstorm has a bold and inclusive theme highlighting issues … Continue reading Call 4 Submissions!

Bipolar HK @ HKU

Bipolar HK founder Sadie had the honor of being invited to give a talk and Q&A session at HKU (University of Hong Kong) last night to HKU students studying for degrees in Expressive Arts, exploring the relationship between bipolar disorder and creativity. Thanks to Anna Glazkova who arranged the event....

Happy Christmas from Bipolar HK!

Hey guys, Sadly, tomorrow evening's BIPOLAR SUPPORT GROUP is cancelled and as the next one happens to fall on New Year's Eve (!!!) so is that one, meaning that unfortunately the NEXT BIPOLAR GROUP MEETING in not until JAN 30TH 2017 7pm - 9pm at STARBUCKS SAI KUNG!!!  Hope to see you there and have … Continue reading Happy Christmas from Bipolar HK!

Lol! Wonder if she'll offer to take back Hong Kong too? 

Bipolar HK Founder Sadie in the South China Morning Post Sat Oct 29 2016

Bipolar Hong Kong Founder Sadie Kaye in the South China Morning Post

Interesting article on discrimination in the workplace – do you agree?

Jamie Oliver Proves McDonalds Unfit For Human Consumption

As if we didn't know it in our hearts already, chef Jamie Oliver has successfully sued Mikkey D's by proving that a McDonalds' burger meat is unfit for human consumption, consisting of dog meat that has literally been painted to look like food with colorants. If this don't give you indigestion, nothing will.... JAMIE OLIVER … Continue reading Jamie Oliver Proves McDonalds Unfit For Human Consumption

REMINDER: Bipolar Support Group 31st October (NEXT MONDAY!!!)

Looking forward to meeting some new members at the next bipolar support group on Monday 31st October (Halloween) at 7pm. We will meet at Starbucks at DUDDEL STREET (opposite Gucci on Queens Road Central) for 2 hours and continue the Halloween fun at Ocean Park. Sorry about the venue change. With so many new people … Continue reading REMINDER: Bipolar Support Group 31st October (NEXT MONDAY!!!)

Shout out to all OCDs: RTHK Need YOU for a new documentary!

Following the unexpected & slightly derailing awards success of her 2015 documentary The Bipolar Express, Bipolar Hong Kong founder Sadie Kaye has been commissioned by RTHK to produce & present another lively half hour documentary for the broadcaster, this time exploring the myths, truths, stigma & stereotypes of life with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). The doc, … Continue reading Shout out to all OCDs: RTHK Need YOU for a new documentary!

Happy Bipolar Awareness Day!

It's that much celebrated public holiday Bipolar Awareness Day! Ok, it's not a public holiday.... But it IS bipolar awareness day! Happy thoughts and well wishes! Only a couple more weeks to Halloween! The next bipolar support group takes place at Ocean Park! Details to follow.....

If you’re under 25, do this!

Lindsey McCallister OBE started the Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation in the late ninetees. If you are from Hong Kong and under 25 you could have the opportunity to receive professional training and perform with the famous Cirque Du Soleil! You'd be mad to miss out on a chance to audition....  

Negative Energy

"Negative Energy" Coming to a coffee shop near you.... "You don't want to get too close to her. She's got negative energy!" I hear it all the time and each time it bemuses and irks me. Now, I can't proclaim to be an expert on what "energy" actually means, because I've never found anyone who … Continue reading Negative Energy

Bipolar Express Wins Radio Television Hong Kong Award

Sadie Kaye's Bipolar Express documentary has won an internal Radio Television Hong Kong Award! RTHK Awards  

Coping With The BLACK DOG

Dealing With The BLACK DOG - The Telegraph

Charlotte Farhan ‘The Outsider’ Collection


Bipolar @ Work: Keeping Healthy In A High Stress Job


10 Things We Should Give Up To Be Happy :)

1. Give up your need for control. Be willing to give up your need to try to control everything that happens to you. We often don't realize that getting caught up in trying to stick to schedules, trying to modify the behavior of others, or trying to create predictability in our surroundings, only creates anxiety … Continue reading 10 Things We Should Give Up To Be Happy 🙂

Woof by Mat Ricardo

MAT RICARDO - WOOF  Humorist, juggler, table cloth lifter and writer-performer extraordinaire gives his spin on a meh week with bipolar disorder.  MAT ON THE JONATHAN ROSS SHOW BBC TELEVISION

Association For International Broadcasting Awards Announce Winners List The Association For International Broadcasting have announced their 2015 AIB Awards Winner's List and we're happy to report that Bipolar HK founder Sadie Kaye's Bipolar Express for Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) is Highly Commended in the 'Best Creative Feature' radio category. 

A Bit Of Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry is a British actor, writer, comedian, TV presenter, narrator, raconteur, poet and philosopher. He also famously has bipolar disorder. Through his work he weaves humor, razor sharp intellect, and a refreshingly open attitude about his own life. The result is a tapestry of eminently quotable wit and wisdom. Below, his engaging and illuminating … Continue reading A Bit Of Stephen Fry

Try To Get My Dark Side

If you're not too sick of Star Wars, this one made me chuckle... 

Yoga & Bipolar

What Bipolar Is Really Like?

Interesting article. Share your thoughts:

RIP Robin

I don’t know what I want

Sadie Kaye’s The Bipolar Express Nominated for an Association For International Broadcasting Award!

Sadie Kaye's Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK Radio 3) documentary The Bipolar Express has been nominated for an Association For International Broadcasting (AIB) Award in the Best Creative Feature category. The awards take place in London November 2015. If you've not already heard it, you can find the podcast on the RTHK website!

Listen to Sadie Kaye’s Bipolar Express on RTHK Radio 3

Sadie Kaye's documentary, The Bipolar Express, aired on Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK Radio 3) for the first time on Sunday May 24th. For those who missed it, there's still the opportunity to check it out on the RTHK website as a podcast. The doco will also be repeated early 2016~ Stay tuned!

ASLI Art Magazine & Charity Mental Illness Awareness Month

ASLI Mental Health Awareness Month - to be part of it visit- Sadie Kaye - To Me ASLI is a Call to Action For Artists to Value Themselves as Instruments of Social Change

All I Need


Rejecting Reality Through Art – The Struggle of the Unseen

Inspirational article by Artist Charlotte Farhan on unseen mental illness

We <3 Hong Kong!


Love Me Till I’m Me Again

Message from God

How I Beat Bipolar 11 & Saved My Own Life (Forbes Article)


Joshua Walters on Being Just Crazy Enough

10 Things You Should Never Say to Someone with Bipolar Disorder!


RIP Robin Williams

Mentally ill people need to be helped, not hounded!

Interesting article in today's UK Guardian Newspaper

A Writer Writes. Always.

Wise Words from Mr. Hugh Laurie

“It's a terrible thing, I think, in life to wait until you're ready. I have this feeling now that actually no one is ever ready to do anything. There's almost no such thing as ready. There's only now. And you may as well do it now. I do think that, generally speaking, now is as … Continue reading Wise Words from Mr. Hugh Laurie

The Truth About Cancer

Here's a very VERY interesting article by John Hopkins called "The Truth About Cancer." Cancer affects one in three of us. Please take the time to read this and forward it to your friends and family members. There is considerable overlap between the content of this article and our bipolar-friendly foods section, which we've just … Continue reading The Truth About Cancer

Good News For Insomniacs

Happy Wednesday from Bipolar HK!

Helping A Bipolar Loved One

Respect to you. It can be a nightmare caring for a bipolar loved one. Trust me, I’m bipolar. During the extremes of our bipolarity, we are incapable of seeing things from your perspective. We are relentlessly inconsiderate of your feelings. It’s always ten steps up, twenty steps down with us. We’re exhausting. And the worst … Continue reading Helping A Bipolar Loved One

Cuckoo Sleep Disorders – The Bipolar Night-Time Express

For me, and several other bipolar people I’ve encountered, MANIA has an unwanted and dangerous side-effect: SLEEPWALKING. In fact, for months at a time, I have led an exhausting double life: My Life Awake and My Life Asleep. One of my lives makes no sense at all. And the other only occurs when I’m asleep. … Continue reading Cuckoo Sleep Disorders – The Bipolar Night-Time Express