Bipolar HK’s Lockdown Guided Meditation!

In this difficult time of unprecedented stress, BIPOLAR HONG KONG has found the perfect guided meditation for you to heal. Being bipolar myself, I know how easy it is for you to sit for hours in a transcendent state of inner stillness and empty your mind of all the competing racing thoughts. Especially in the manic cycle. I hear you as you breathe out bullshit and breathe in the benefit of pure silence. Except for the noisy ceiling fan. I feel you as you calmly relinquish the impulse to rip off your surgical face mask and run face-naked into the nearest grungy carpark elevator and press all the buttons with your bare tongue. So, my bipolar brothers and sisters, this one is for you. Ommmm. Alternatively, you can say…

I actually found this oddly calming.

Published by: Bipolar Hong Kong 躁鬱香港

Bipolar Hong Kong is Hong Kong's first peer-led bipolar support network. We are a collective of Hong Kong-based professionals, students, writers and artists. Our mission: to fight the stigma and stereotypes attached to mental illness in Hong Kong. We offer free monthly support groups, peer-mentoring, creative opportunities and social events to positively and proactively change the way you perceive your condition, as well as the way others perceive you.

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