Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

Happy Mid Autumn Festival Bipolars!

Recently moved to Hong Kong? Still searching for the sunset over Po Toi O? No clue what to do? Momentai! I’ve compiled a few helpful tips for expats in my Mid Autumn Festival Survival Guide…

Things to do with a mooncake:

  1. Smash a window

  2. Cave in an intruder’s skull

  3. Plug a leaky roof caused by super-typhoon Mangkhut

  4. Eat it

If you’re not sure you can manage a whole one:

  1. Smother it in English mustard

  2. Pair it with a pickled egg

  3. Pretend it’s a pork pie that’s passed its sell-by

  4. Wash it down with a bottle of Absinthe


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