World Bipolar Day!

For those who didn’t know, it was World Bipolar Day on March 30th. Only a bipolar person could introduce a World Bipolar Day the day before April Fool’s Day!! This meant that while I was celebrating World Bipolar Day in Hong Kong, my friends and relatives in the UK were concocting practical jokes to play on me.

However, the good old South China Morning Post did us bipolar Hongkongers proud by including this informative article: SCMP archive – World Bipolar Day. The article reinforces what I say in the documentary – early diagnosis can save lives. It’s vitally important to spread awareness of a mental illness most Hong Kong people know nothing about.

World Bipolar Day


They also used this pic, of which Freddie the weatherman when I was a kid in HK would have been proud! Does this dude sum you up? No, me either.



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